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Am I your dog?

You can kick me down and make me feel so disgustingly pitiful and sad, 
and yet I will return to you, giving you my all, my undivided love.
Am I turning into an empty shell, spent within the barrel of a gun, pointed towards my head?

I break my neck, my fingers, to tell you I am here
I am trying.

And how my day brightens, when I look into the emptiness I once called home.
And I look at you, more worthy than gold and rain to empty fields.

Rain dripping from my eyes, these fields are bountiful with fruit
but the fruit is sour and withered.

I need sunshine.
Preferably yours.

Countless times I run into these same emotions.
Anger, rage, regret, sadness......

I want a way out.

with you.

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Am I your dog?, posted April 22nd, 2013

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